As I Sit Here...

   I sit here on the couch tired following a long Wednesday evening. Now I want to be clear Wednesday nights at Pleasant Grove are powerful and amazing. Tonight alone there were 81 young people (PreK-5th grade), 31 Jr High Youth all playing, learning, and eating. On top of that experience there was Choir, Staff, and others throughout the church. I love Wednesday nights, they are the most amazing form of tired I have ever experienced.

   Tonight, however, was twice as impactful. Amongst of all this controlled chaos, I had an amazing opportunity. Pastors are not always the best at letting people into the “awesome weirdness” of our jobs. Tonight, was one such moment. Tonight, I had the privilege of celebrating the Eucharist with those 31 Jr High students; I stood before them and through Communion told them of the God that loved them so much, he would send Christ to be broken so that they could be whole. I told them of the New Covenant, the forgiveness of sin, and the promise that they are never alone. I tried to show them that regardless of what the world says, the God that created them and knows the hairs on their heads calls them, “Good.” After sharing in Communion, we prepared to pray by taking Joys and Concerns. Of the 31 youth there were 20 concerns, and not a single one was about them. There were prayers for family, prayers for friends, prayers for the world, and prayers for others. It was such a beautiful moment and I was honored to just be part of it.

    So tonight, I am extra tired and extra full. My soul is broken open by the Spirit that was present in that sacred moment. The world would have us believe there is no hope, that every day will be worse than the last. I am here to call that hog wash. There were multiple faith traditions represented in that group and as long as young people still gather to hear the gospel and pray. As long as moments like this still happen, there is hope. And tonight, as I hit my knees, I thank God for everyone one of them and the presence of God with them, and I give God the glory for the Kingdom work being down through them. Will you join me?

             Grace Sufficient,