Article: Wesley and the Eucharist

Once a month there is the familiar smell of bread in the air as you enter the church. Naturally, there is the realization that it is "Communion Sunday."  There is little secret that serving communion is one of my favorite acts as a Pastor. I love Communion! So imagine my surprise when I learned that it was just my Wesley showing again. In the article, "Wesley and the Eucharist: A Meal with God" by Ryan N. Danker, John and Charles Wesley's views on communion are given. According to Danker, "Wesley spoke of the Eucharist (Communion) as a place or even an event where the believer encounters God." In Wesley's day, this encounter happened more often as the expectation was for weekly communion in the Methodist church and Wesley, himself, is noted as having received communion every four days. This sacrament is a powerful witness and can alter those that receive it. From my view there is always those who are changed by the experience, it is evident in their eyes every time they walk up and receive. I encourage you to read the article below then leave your thoughts in the comments. Should we return to our roots of weekly communion?

            Grace Sufficient,

                        Pastor Paul