So, I am now a school parent…

So, it happened. I didn’t actually think it was going to, but it did. We dropped Gibson off at Kindergarten. Additionally, as Margie will be starting a new position with Boone County Hospital we have also enrolled Ezra in preschool, and Maverick will be going to a baby sitter for the first time. Therefore, change has hit the Klepees home. Prayers are appreciated. Additionally, I think we as a community should commit to regular prayers for those that have received my children in their care. They seem like such nice people, and I am sure my boys will change that.

To say that Gibson was excited about school is an understatement, honestly, I think he was more excited about the idea of school. He did, however, thoroughly enjoy the process of getting ready. Margie and I made a point of giving him his own day. We took him out for lunch and we went to the store list in hand for our first experience school supply shopping.  He loved it. I, however, felt my faith in the God of Peace tested by the long lines and the overcrowded aisles. Regardless, we left with a cart full of “necessities,” and Daddy not in handcuffs, so we will call it a win! He was incredibly proud that the got to pick out and purchase his first “big kid” bible. Naturally he selected one that looked similar to mine and naturally it was a proud moment for me. Through this process we also learned one of the most difficult pieces of preparing for school; having all this new stuff and not being able to touch it for a whole week.  The number of times we had to explain that school shoes are for school is countless and the number of time we caught the boys “just looking” is just as high.

Gibson was not the only one with new supplies, because Ezra’s preschool also had a list.  School shopping with him was more laid back as we did not realize he also required supplies until a few days before classes started. Most had already completed their shopping and the aisles were only occupied with us, “slackers.” Ezra naturally wanted to pick supplies that were like Gibson’s, but not exactly. If Gibson got Batman, Ezra got Superman, such is life with a brother.

As a parent of school children, there are things that makes sense now, that never made sense before. For instance, I now know why people describe sleepless nights, as, “like the night before school starts.”  My children didn’t sleep. I didn’t sleep. NO ONE SLEPT! So as I was tired and the battle to get in the van had been completed, I realized that we would soon be in public and these teachers know I am a Pastor  I also realize why my mother used to call evenings, “a sprint to bed time.”  If Hell isn’t fire and molten pits it may be a continuous evening with tired school children. I know some of you are smiling and some of you are confused… trust me you’ll understand one day.

All of that being said, it is so worth it. To hear their stories of their first, second and every days is truly a gift from God. The way they perceive the world around them is a powerful witness to my soul. Children have a way of looking at the world where they focus on the commonality that we are all God’s children. They realize the importance of play and enjoyment. Ask an adult how their day was, and you will get a list of what they accomplished. Ask a child, and you will hear who they met, what they played, and how much they enjoyed it. Somewhere along the way we loose that. Somewhere along the way the world beats that out of us. We should all be so lucky to approach the world and Jesus… like a child on the first day of school. (Hey! That sounds like something someone wise once said.)

            Grace Sufficient,

                        Rev Paul Klepees