Pastor’s Bookshelf - Visioneering

Why am I here? It's an overwhelmingly common question. Everyone wants to have a grasp of God's purpose (and vision) for their lives. Andy Stanley has masterfully connected the story of Nehemiah with the modern understanding of what it means to build the vision that God has placed in our hearts in “Visioneering.”  His unique method of finding that vision will jump-start your life, as you read through these pages. Interestingly, however, this title is written in such a way that it is immediately applicable to life from the first page. I can easily say this has been the most life-changing read of my summer, and it changes the way I plan and the way I view my daily life.  At just under 300 pages, it would be hard to call this a "quick read," but every moment spent with this text is a powerful one. This is why I have both used this text as our companion for our summer sermon series, and I am full on recommending it now.