Article: Internet Christianity

A few weeks ago, while scrolling through social media I become frustrated and shocked by some of the posts by people who I knew were professing members of the church, some were laity, and some were pastors, but all were shocking. Now just to be clear these posts came from across the spectrum of political ideologies and were on a variety of issues. Although the content of the posts was a factor, the real shock came from the tones, the name-calling, and the approach to such a conversation. Conflict is not new to the church or the Christian people a read (or skim) of Acts demonstrates that we have been in conflict since Chapter 1. However, that does not allow us to ignore that there is far more that unites Christians on both sides of the aisle then that, that divides us. 

 In Internet Christianity, Melissa Spoelstra offers us insight into those keys things that Christians should keep in mind while posting and some questions that allow for theological reflection on our Social Media use. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will speak to you through these words as it did me. I stood convicted in some of my own internet and social media usage by these words.